Functional Strategy

Maximising market access value through strategy re-alignment


The Global Market Access and Pricing (GMAP) function of a leading diagnostics company had become overstretched and was operating in a predominantly reactive mode due to a lack of strategic direction. It was thereby foregoing significant opportunities to add value. The new function head requested a strategic review from SiLS to re-align resources and optimise the operating model. SiLS was engaged for its extensive experience in developing pricing and access strategy with global and regional stakeholders.


SiLS engaged the GMAP team and its stakeholders to build a GMAP functional strategy in a three-step process:

  1. Discussions with the GMAP team and its stakeholders across the organisation provided a comprehensive view of the team’s capabilities, their value proposition and the expectations of the organisation.

  2. A workshop with the GMAP team based on the findings from these discussions elicited ideas for resolving mismatches between demand and available resources, together with focus areas for delivering on the expectations of the organisation.

  3. Further analysis of the findings and workshop outcome led the SiLS team to develop a coherent strategy for the GMAP function, which was presented to the leadership team.

Recommendations and outcomes

SiLS recommended a strategy of four pillars that coherently support the market access team’s value proposition within its resource constraints. The strategy has been endorsed by the leadership team and is now driving the team’s role and activity in the organisation. It enables the team to re-align activities and proactively leverage strengths to maximise value creation by enabling the company to develop products, evidence and pricing strategies that address payer needs.