Performance Improvement

Realising commercial value from genomics


A large-scale genomic medicine programme was at risk of failing to fulfil the requirements of its commercial partners. SiLS was asked to leverage its business and scientific acumen to identify the key shortcomings and define the actions for bringing the initiative back on the path to creating value for its partners.


SiLS designed a three-step approach to gain insight into partners’ concerns and priorities, diagnose the issues and structure a solution:

  1. Evaluated the status of the programme through review meetings with the management team and scrutinising internal documents. SiLS also engaged in a roundtable discussion with the management team and the programme’s commercial partners. This enabled SiLS to articulate the value proposition, delivery strategy and core challenges for the programme.

  2. Elicited commercial and R&D genomics needs from the initiative through extensive interviews with the partner teams.

  3. Established a coherent diagnosis and set of actions relating to the programme’s shortcomings through a structured analysis of the findings. This was validated with the commercial partners before being presented to the programme’s management team.

Recommendations and outcomes

SiLS’ recommendations aimed to remedy the programme’s shortcomings and create greater value for its partners. A coherent set of near-term and long-term requirements supported an action plan to get the initiative back on track. As a result of SiLS’ support there is clarity and agreement on the action plan, which aims to bring the programme and its partners to a position where they can make decisions on the nature of their future engagement, which is crucial to the its long-term success.